While focused on Yoshi, there are many color schemes available, which are either unlocked by amiibo or by completing specific stages.

Yoshi's Woolly World (Wii U)

Amiibo Yoshi


In the current Wii U version, rather then unlocking a Yoshi with a pattern influenced by Daisy, the Daisy Amiibo unlocks amiibo Yoshi.

Yoshi and Poochy's Woolly World (3DS)

Daisy Yoshi


Unlocked by the Daisy amiibo, the Daisy Yoshi features a design that has all of Daisy's key features, such as her red brown hair, short gloves and flower jewelry. The orange frills of Daisy's dress are represented under Yoshi's shoes.


  • Daisy is one of only six characters to be featured for the amiibo compatibility in Yoshi and Poochy's Woolly World on Nintendo Of America's website: