Yakuman DS is a game for the Nintendo DS. It is based on the Chinese game Mahjong and features several Mario character as
120px-Daisy Yakuman DS
playable avatars. The game was first released in Japan and Taiwan on March 31, 2005. A year late, the game was released in Japan on September 14 with an additional online mode called Wi-Fi Taiō Yakuman DS

Princess Daisy is featured in the game as an unlockable character. She is the Rank 10 Opponent faced in Ranking Mode. Daisy plays to win and as such is low on defense. Daisy will try to use riichi to add an additional yaku and also use a closed tsumo. Daisy never melds her tiles unless it is a "closed kan".

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  • Yakuman DS is Princess Daisy's first appearance on the Nintendo DS.