"And let's be frank that Nintendo doesn't put much effort in her appearances? Are you serious?? Did you totally ignore Thousand-Year Door, DDR Mario Mix, Captain Toad, and Paper Jam Toadette appearances or what? Daisy is on her knees practically begging for an appearance that is not a part of a roster like the rest of the playable characters. Even Waluigi had a role in DDR Mario Mix, as small as it is. What did Daisy do? And don't say "she was the main character of mario & sonic at the derp olympic gamez" she's as much as a main character there as Donkey Kong is the main character of Mario Super Sluggers.

They favored Toadette over Daisy, that's why they added Toadette in this game and the aforementioned games where she had a distinguishable role in the Mario series instead of Daisy."

Oooh, yes, so a character which was created for a main role and has made possible the creation of an entire sub-universe is secondary and with less effort to a character which was created for fill a spot in Mario Kart because "Daizy rule in SML was the sane as Pooch", LOL sure.

She also said that Toadette was important thanks to her cameo in the book of SMG, omg WOW! HOW IMPORTANT! So her only appearance in main games (excluding RPGs (not 100%sure they are main games)) is... a cameo in a book! Wow, great.

Her SML role beats hands down every Toadette role because this is a MAIN GAME, a role where Peach cannot be used due to the different plot and location, Toadette role in CTTT may be important but:

1 this is not a main game 2 Daisy also had similar roles in games too like in Mario Super Suggers, when she turned into a statue and lately join Peach, Mario and the others.

And "And don't say she was the main character of mario & sonic at the derp olympic gamez", why, because you know it's right? In Rio 3DS she was playable, a guide for Mario's gym and the final rival in Sonic gym, this is an important role.

Not to mention that Daisy got spots in cutscenes in MT64, MGTT, MSS, a baby version, A PERSONALITY and tons of courses. Oh, also main or unique roles in M&S olympic 2010 DS, MSS, MP3 etc.

Daisy has more effort than Toadette.

EDIT: I don't hate Toadette, but her fanbase is turning way too annoying.

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