So we're going to send to Nintendo another mail, i will give you some ideas about this mail:

Why Daisy deserve to appear in the main series? Here we have 10 reasons!

1- She has a lot of potential: Daisy is an "old/classic" character but potentially she's a new character! She has a lot of potential: Sarasaland, her chemistry with Luigi and Peach, her abilites, etc.

2- She isn't a spin-off only character: She wasn't created for became a spin-off only character like Waluigi, Baby Daisy or Baby Rosalina but she was born for the main games.

3- She appear in over 55 games: Daisy appear in 56 games (not counting some posters or mentions cameos) and 53 of these are spinoffs! Pretty unfair in my poinion. 

4- She appear since 1989: So Daisy has 27 years old! How Nintendo can overshadow a character with 27 years? She's even older than Yoshi (56 years), Wario (54 years), Bowser jr. (15 years) and Rosalina (9 years)!

5- She's one of the most requised characters: EVERY fans and even some haters want her do you know how many people they are? A LOT!

6- She's original: A tomboyish princess... how many tomboyish princesses we have in Super Mario ecept Daisy? NO ONE! A tomboyish princess is an interessant concept to see. Also, Daisy is an athletic girl who can fight so I don't see the problem.

7- She could be a tribute to Super Mario Land and a tribute to Gumpei Yokoi: Two things that are pretty forgotten tese days.

8- She can bring back Sarasaland: She can bring back Sarasaland, her kingdoom, there is no Sarasaland without Daisy. How Sarasaland turned in all these years? How is the Daisy's castle? How many new kingdooms Sarasaland have?

9- She can bring back Tatanga: He's a forgotten character and she can bring him back.

10- She can bring back Wario into the main series: So, Wario is in the same boat as Daisy: a main character never used again and since Wario first appear in Super Mario Land 2 there's a link between the duo... maybe.

So that's why I think Daisy should come back in the main series of Super Mario. If you want to use these reasons for your mail...YOU CAN'T!


Joke xD that's one of the reasons why I've wrote this. So... oh boy it's really late! Tomorrow I've school!


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