Hi everyone, Im here for talking about an interesting thing, or I should say an IMPORTANT thing, 


We have a group, we should talk about Daisy without limits here, outside this group people gets annoyied when people of every fanbases spams things, this can only increase the hate, and what Nintendo will eventually see is one fan... aganist 4-5 haters, not cool huh? Not to mention that Nintendo usually ignore his messages on Twitter or Facebook, there are too many!! With a mail on the other hand Nintendo will read it, answer to it and no one will complain.

In past we wanted to "refresh" the Daisy fanbase right? We also made the community for have a better relaction with Rosalina fans (after smash ruined everything) so this is the next legitimate step.

You guys know what I mean right? Because we need to refresh Daisy's fanbase for get a better situation and more members, spamming doesn't help, giving the good example is much better.

Hopefully you will agree with me.

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