Hey everyone!

Ok it's pretty simple: I'm gonna send a letter to Nintendo like Princess Daisy (@sarasaland, twitter) did, this letter needs to be interesting, real and especially convincing, not trashi things like "Daisy is awesome!!!" "Daisy is better than _____!", soooo here's something and I need your opinion:

"Hello Nintendo,

I really want to discuss about a thing: will Princes Daisy appear in main games again?

Princess Daisy appears in Mario games since 1989 and so far her only Main appearence is Super Mario Land, I personally think that this is a waste for her character, she has contribuited with the series and she was the (indirect) chause of Wario and Waluigi's creations too, she also got a Baby version! Luckily we got a Daisy Amiibo which is a good step for her character and hopefully it will be compatible with Super Mario Maker just like Boo!

Here's why I think Daisy deserves better:

1: She has a lot of potential, Daisy's personality is really different paragoned to Peach's one, this makes her more than just a damisel in distress, she could be the opposite that Peach is: she can defend herself and fight with her friends, this could put originality to main games and RPGs too, also, Daisy's kingdoom, Sarasaland is way more bizzarre paragoned to the Mushroom Kingdoom, we saw this kingdoom only one time, the things to do here are infinite.

2: She deserve it, Daisy was created for main games after all unlike characters like Waluigi or Toadette, she deserves another chanche.

3: Everyone is waithing for it, everyone who likes Daisy and even someone who dislikes/hates her want to see her do something more!

Hopefully my letter was convincing enough,

Have a nice day!

PS: She should be a bit less loud, some people doesn't like it"

What do you think?

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