Recently I was seeing some GC games, and something came in my mind: is Daisy a sore loser /winner? In Mario Golf Toadtool tour she said "NONONO YOU KLUTZ!... get it together..." In Mario Power Tennis she said: "allright! Yes! I won takes that!", these are clearly sore winner (2nd) and sore loser (1st). But this has happened in 2 games, other characters: Birdo, Bowser, Bowser jr smacked the camera, Wario and Waluigi used a pen for do bad graffiti on Mario and Luigi's figures and more. They acutally have acted worse than her. I don't consider her a sore loser/winner because this has happened in 2 games out of 60 and I don't think they're enough for call her sore loser/winner in general, competitive yes but not that. And no Strikers games doesn't count. What do you think?

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