So everyone know what a canon game is? A canon game is simply a game that exist into the history of the franchise, if a game is non-canon its simply not important because it never happened.

For a long time people thought the main games were the only "canon" part of the Mario franchise however I was sreaching around the web and I've found this:

This disscussion starts that the canon in Mario does not exist, does it make sense? Well, yes:

This link says (also using few Nintendo words) that the "canon" in Mario game is just a fanmade thing and all the Mario game exists, the main series (Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Land, Super Mario World etc) is not really the canon one but it's just more important. The canon was also started by IGN but I think everyone with a normal brain would not take in consideration a website that consider "4.8/10 too much water" a serious review for a game... All of this means RPGs, spin-offs and educational games exists as well so does their characters, this means: -Daisy and Birdo develop exist -Characters like Waluigi, Baby Daisy or Pink GOD Peach exist -Mario Kart and Mario Party exist -Sports tournaments exist Etc.

So there is not excuse for the "Daisy is non canon and Rosalina will be soon" hate.

The only problem is that this is not confirmed for partner series (DK, Yoshi, Wario) or crossovers (Mario & Sonic, Smash) as they are not fully considered Mario games, I mean Pauline was not considerated a Mario character before Odyssey remember?

What do you guys think? Does this make sense?

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