Everybody know that Super Mario Land is the most important Daisy's appearence, but people think that "this was just a Peach countrepart" "she just appeared for 10 seconds", here's a thing who destroy their "opinions" and increase the Daisy relevancy: Make Daisy was the only possible way for Nintendo since in Super Mario Land the location is Sarasaland, a new and far kingdoom from the Mushroom Kingdoom so Peach wasn't good for become the damisel in distres, so Daisy was 100% needed for this game. From this game we got an important thing: a sequel, Super Mario Land 2: 6 golden coins who's also Wario's first appearence. Without Daisy there can't be Super Mario Land and his sequel, so Wario, the Warioland/Warioware games and Waluigi (also Baby Daisy but she's not important) will not exist. Isn't this a valid argument for say that Daisy is/was important? ;)

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