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  • I live in Italy
  • I was born on August 4
  • My occupation is Big Daisy fan
  • I am Birdo
  • TheKingOfSarasaland

    So everyone know what a canon game is? A canon game is simply a game that exist into the history of the franchise, if a game is non-canon its simply not important because it never happened.

    For a long time people thought the main games were the only "canon" part of the Mario franchise however I was sreaching around the web and I've found this:

    This disscussion starts that the canon in Mario does not exist, does it make sense? Well, yes:

    This link says (also using few Nintendo words) that the "canon" in Mario game is just a fanmade thing and all the Mario game exists, the main series (Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Land, Super Mario World etc) is not really the canon on…

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  • TheKingOfSarasaland

    Daisy got... A FREAKING ELEVATOR?!

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  • TheKingOfSarasaland
    1. randomthings

    There is a laughable Peach fan bitching on how "we apparently hate myiamoto and spread hate aganist him". Someone can explain her what's up with that Miyamoto theory?

    Yet something unique happened... a gamefaqs user made a compliment about us?! This is... unexpected.

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  • TheKingOfSarasaland

    It would be cool to see Daisy in a Paper Mario game huh? Well now you can.


    ...No, but you can have her in a different way:

    There is a unoffical remake of Paper Mario Color Splash, Paper Mario Color Splash Recut, it features tons of different characters including Daisy. this is an example, there are others in various websites like Marioboard and Gamefaqs.

    There are some sprites for invent your own Paper Mario story as well, here is Daisy:

    And here we have some examples on Daisy in.

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  • TheKingOfSarasaland

    Good news

    January 24, 2017 by TheKingOfSarasaland

    It's happening... IT'S HAPPENING! :D

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