Since the game has been released in Europe and Australia for about two weeks, what is your opinion on the game? For those of you who have played the game. I'm hoping it will be fun, my pre-order for the game and amiibo card packs arrive tomorrow (or today for those of you in Europe, it's already Friday in Europe by the time I post this). I've only seen gameplay and obviously haven't played the game yet so I can't say if the game really is fun or not. I generally enjoy the Mario sports game. Even Ultra Smash is fun, that game just lacked content but the gameplay itself is fine.

And of course we've already talked about the laziness in this game such as reused voices and animations. I honestly don't see that as a huge problem since voices and animations being reused in Mario games have been done many times. The only parts of the voices being reused that bother me is that it's inconsistent for characters like Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Baby Mario, and Rosalina.

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