Jakks Pacific, the company who makes the World of Nintendo figures, is at San Diego Comic Con and they're going to be talking about the World of Nintendo line as well as some of their other lines. Last year they showed off several new figures that have for the most part been released now. (The 4 inch line with Cat Mario, Toad, Zelda, Skull Kid, and Slippy is coming out very soon)

They might show off some currently unseen, upcoming figures, and maybe we'll finally see the first real Daisy action figure! I am a collector and I do collect the World of Nintendo figures (4 inch, 6 inch, and 2.5 inch) and of course being a Daisy fan I'd be really happy if they have plans to make her. I love the Peach figures Jakks has released, so if they make Daisy I bet she'll be just as great, and maybe her head will actually be able to move more since her hair is shorter than Peach's. The only Daisy "action figure" around currently is the K'nex Daisy.

EDIT: The new figures shown for the 4 inch line were Star Power Mario, Koopa Paratroopa (green shell), Ocarina of Time Link (Goron Tunic), Peppy Hare, and a male Villager. No Daisy figure yet, but for all we know she could pop up in a future wave. They also showed Walmart exclusives of Gold/Bronze Link (4 inch) and Gold Mario (2.5 inch). Target will be getting exclusives of Prototype Fox (4 inch) and Prototype Skull Kid (2.5 inch).

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