Many people think their favorite Mario characters that don't have their own game should get their own game. Which Mario characters do you think deserve their own game?

1. Bowser

Bowser to me deserves his own game more than any other Mario character who doesn't have a game. Yes, there is Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story but I don't really count that as a Bowser game since it's part of the Mario & Luigi RPG series. To me, saying that game is a Bowser game is like saying Super Mario 3D World is also a Luigi, Peach, Toad, and Rosalina game since you can choose to play as them instead of Mario.

Dr. Eggman, the main antagonist from Sonic, even has his own game and that happened two years after the first Sonic game was released. That game is over 20 years old now. Sure it was a puzzle game based on the Sonic cartoon running at the time but it's still a Robotnik/Eggman game! Sonic doesn't even appear in that game at all. Dr. Cortex from Crash Bandicoot was also planned to get his own game at some point before being cancelled. So I think Mario's main villain should get his own game too where he is the main character and not Mario or Luigi.

2. A second game for Peach

Kind of cheating on this one since Peach already has a game, but I think Peach should get another game. She's the main female in Mario and she only has one game. Super Princess Peach was a pretty interesting game. Not that Nintendo needs to make another Peach game like Super Princess Peach, but I think Peach deserves another game. I'll talk more about this later for another character.

3. Rosalina

While I'm not a big Rosalina fan (I'm neutral with her), Rosalina's popularity has skyrocketed and Nintendo has used her in practically every Mario game released since Super Mario 3D World. She's only missed out on Mario VS. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars, the new Mario Party Arcade game in Japan (I think), and the Arcade version of Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Nintendo knows Rosalina is popular, and I'm sure a Rosalina game would sell well. Wario got his first game not too long after his first appearance, which spun off from Super Mario Land. Maybe Rosalina could spin off from the Mario Galaxy games, and the possible third Mario Galaxy is a Rosalina game? (Super Mario Galaxy 3: Rosalina Galaxy?) I don't know. XD Only problem is that if Rosalina gets a game before Daisy then all heck will break loose, and that brings me to the last character...

4. Daisy (kind of)

I don't know if Daisy really deserves her own game (don't kill me) but I think she should at least co-star with Peach. She's treated as Peach's partner in most of the Mario spin-offs she appear in. Like I said above for Peach, I think Peach deserves another game. Maybe they could include Daisy as Player 2 just like Luigi is in most Mario platformers? Like how Luigi has some differences in a better jump and harder to control, they could make Daisy play differently from Peach.

Nintendo knows Daisy is a fan-favorite, they've said it before. If that's the case then why is Daisy stuck in the sports, karts, and party games?

I personally think Daisy would fit in best in Mario RPG games. Maybe we could get a Peach & Daisy RPG? I could settle for Daisy being playable in the next Mario platformer if they keep Peach playable too, even though that would be a Mario game and not a Daisy game.

Even if Nintendo were to give surprisingly give Daisy her own game, I'm sure they could pull it off and make it interesting. But would it sell well? Yes Daisy is a fan-favorite but she's also hated by many people at the same time...

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