What other characters do you think will be playable in the game? What character types do you think the characters will have?

Luigi is confirmed to be a Balance character, Pom Pom is Power, and Daisy and Paratroopa are Technique. However, this was only confirmed for baseball so the characters could have different stats and character types depending on the sport.

Daisy is Technique in Baseball while she was a Balanced character in the original Mario Baseball. Daisy is usually a Technique character in Tennis but is All-Around in the newest Mario Tennis. Golf never divided the characters as Balance, Speed, Technique, or Power characters so I'm not sure if the Golf mode in this game will.

  1. Mario: Balance
  2. Luigi: Balance
  3. Peach: Technique
  4. Daisy: Technique
  5. Yoshi: Speed
  6. Birdo: Balance or Speed (Birdo has been both of these before.)
  7. Rosalina: Power
  8. Boo: Technique or Tricky (Boo is Technique in Baseball, Tricky is not in the baseball games.)
  9. Wario: Power
  10. Waluigi: Technique
  11. Donkey Kong: Power
  12. Diddy Kong: Speed
  13. Bowser: Power
  14. Bowser Jr. Power (He's Power in baseball, but outside of that he's usually Tricky like Boo.)
  15. Baby Mario: Speed
  16. Baby Luigi: Speed

Other characters:

  1. Boom Boom: Power
  2. Pom Pom: Power
  3. Toad: Balance
  4. Koopa Troopa: Balance
  5. Koopa Paratroopa: Technique
  6. Magikoopa: Technique
  7. Goomba: Balance
  8. Shy Guy: Technique
  9. Hammer Bro, Fire Bro, Boomerang Bro: Power
  10. Stone Spike: Power (I'm not too sure on this one)

Now for unconfirmed characters that could be in any of the sports as main characters or side characters:

  1. Toadette: Speed
  2. Toadsworth: Technique
  3. King Boo: Power
  4. Petey Piranha: Power
  5. Baby Peach: Technique
  6. Baby Daisy: Technique
  7. Baby Donkey Kong: Power
  8. Dixie Kong: Technique
  9. Tiny Kong: Balance
  10. Funky Kong: Power
  11. King K. Rool: Power
  12. Kritter: Power
  13. Paragoomba: Speed
  14. Dry Bones: Technique
  15. Wiggler: Speed
  16. Monty Mole: Speed
  17. Blooper: Balance
  18. Pianta: Power
  19. Noki: Balance
  20. Dry Bowser: Power
  21. Ludwig: Technique
  22. Lemmy: Speed
  23. Roy: Power
  24. Iggy: Balance
  25. Wendy: Power
  26. Morton: Morton
  27. Larry: Technique
  28. Luma: Technique
  29. Sprixie Princesses: Technique

Yeah, most of these characters are just characters who were in the Mario Baseball games. I have no idea what to expect for the baseball mode's roster. Any characters I missed that you think could be in? I'm not too sure about Slime and the Final Fantasy characters, we don't know if Square Enix is working on this game. We already have Camelot and Namco working on it so who knows.

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