If you don't mind me asking... who are your favorite Mario characters? Obviously this is a Daisy wikia so we're all Daisy fans here, but I like other characters besides Daisy. Just a bit curious to see which characters we like besides Daisy of course.

And if you don't mind sharing, who are your least favorite Mario characters?

My favorite Mario characters: (In order from Yoshi to Hammer Bro, the rest are random ones I also like)

Yoshi, Lemmy, Iggy, Peach, Daisy, King Boo, Koopa Kid, Hammer Bro, Dry Bones, Larry, Ludwig, Roy, Morton, Wendy (felt the need to write out every Koopaling's name separately because I like some more than the others)

My least favorites: (In order from most hated to the ones I don't hate as much)

Waluigi, Baby Rosalina, Pink Gold Peach, Baby Daisy

EDIT: I don't hate Rosalina anymore. I'm neutral with her now, as in I don't like her but I don't dislike or hate her either. So now my least favorites are basically the characters who were created as filler characters. (Yes Waluigi is a filler character, he was specifically made to be Wario's tennis partner.)

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