Another blog post from me today... I'm sorry! XD

But do you guys own any Daisy merchandise? I was filming a Mario Plush Collection video for my YouTube channel today and I'll probably do a Mario Figure Collection video soon so I thought I'd ask if you have any Daisy stuff?

I own three Daisy plushies. (The original Sanei plush from 2012, the Mario All-Stars Daisy plush recently released, and a bootleg of the original Daisy plush) I also own some Daisy figurines: the Popco Daisy figure released in 2009, the Furuta Daisy figure from the chocolate eggs released in Japan, the K'Nex Daisy figure, and I have the Daisy amiibo on pre-order. I also have a few Daisy figures I made out of clay. I also have the Mario Chess set which has Daisy as one of the Bishop pieces on Mario's team.

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