You can see several different and new amiibo cards on here. The new Daisy card seems to be for baseball, and it's just Daisy's artwork from the first Mario & Sonic game.

I noticed several new cards, with some of them featuring new art but most reusing old art:

  1. Luigi's Soccer card uses one of his Super Mario 3D World renders.
  2. Peach's Soccer card uses one of her renders from Mario Sports Mix art, which the art was originally for Volleyball or Dodgeball.
  3. Daisy's Baseball (or soccer?) card uses her Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games render.
  4. Baby Mario's soccer card is new.
  5. Baby Luigi's soccer card is new.
  6. Wario's Soccer card uses old art too, don't know what game it's from though.
  7. Donkey Kong's Soccer(?) card reuses a render from Donkey Kong Country Returns I believe.
  8. Rosalina's Golf card uses her Mario Party 10 render. Looks like she is still wearing her regular gown for golf. lol
  9. Bowser Jr's Soccer card uses his render from New Super Mario Bros.
  10. Boo's Soccer card uses Mario Party 8 art.

There's two cards on the screenshot with the Rosalina card but I can't tell what they are. One looks like a baseball card for Donkey Kong. The other I can hardly tell what it is. A Yoshi card? (EDIT: Looks like it's a Horse Racing Yoshi card)

There really wasn't any real reason for me to point all of that out but maybe some people are interested in all of the reused and new art. XD But some people have complained about reused art. So some of this is actually new art.

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