To view past magazines, you can go on the Sarasaland Gossip Magazine page.

This where we will plan and in send our magazine pages.


  • Members of the Sarasaland Gossip Redaction
  • Seinc
  • Jourdon
  • TheKingOfSarasaland
  • Lynda44

August Magazine

List Of Complete Pages

Lynda44's New Artwork

Art by Lynda44. Page created by Seinc.

YouTube Affiliation Program

By Seinc

The Year Of Luigi Book

By Seinc

Daisy's Return To The Mario Series

By Seinc

Credits (May Be Edited Later)

By Seinc

Daisy's Mario Kart History (Updated Version Of Older Pages)

By Seinc

Daisy's Relationships - Toad

By Seinc

Our petition

By Daisy Forfuture

Pages We Are Waiting For

Cooking With Daisy - Jourdon

Sarasaland In Super Mario Odyessey - Jourdon

Fanmade Mario Party 10 Board - RikiiU

Suggestions For Additional Pages Are Open!

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