Hello everyone! For quite some time, the methods for becoming an administrator have been very disorganized and mostly undecided. We needed to put something regarding the subject on the We Are Daisy Wikia Rules page in order to prevent confusion, so DaisyFF, Lynda and I met in the chat and decided on 4 methods which can be used to gain admin rights.

Method 1 - Ruiling an affiliation of the group: Anyone who rules a branch is automatically considered an administrator, even if they aren't on the Wikia at all.

Method 2 - Being a member of the Decision Committee: If someone is removed from the Decision Committee or leaves, a vote will be held. The member with the highest number of votes after 24 hours will join the DC and along with that, will receive admin rights. However, if the reasoning behind someone obtaining admin rights is them being voted into the DC and they happen to leave or be removed due to a violation of the group's rules, they will lose their admin rights.

Method 3 - Being an active member of the wikia since it's creation: A member is automatically given admin rights if they meet this criteria.

Method 4 - Being an active, respectful and trustworthy member for 6 months: We know that seems like a lot of time, but administrators are considered as leaders of the group. Giving admin rights to the wrong person could have huge consequences, so we must be careful when deciding who to give these rights to.

If anyone has any other ideas or objections to this list, you can suggest something to be changed or removed.

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