So I've seen some debates about this in the comments section of our Top 10 Theories and Facts You Didn't Know About Princess Daisy video, and after looking over this debate, I see that they may be on to something!

Belle has a very similar bright yellow dress to Daisy and has light brown hair. She wears earrings and gloves that go beyond her elbows.

In terms of personality, they are also quite similar. Daisy is very different from the other female characters, in fact, Nintendo has actually referred to her as odd! In Belle's village, she is (like Daisy) considered an odd girl and does her own thing rather than doing what the other girls in her village do. Belle also loves flowers. Remember at the beginning of Beauty & The Beast, every year her father goes to the market and Belle asks him to bring her a rose from his journey. Finally, as we know there is no evidence of Daisy having a mother, so we can safely assume that her father takes care of her. Belle's mother passed away when she was very young, so she too had to rely on her father growing up.

So, what do you think of this? Do you think Daisy is more like Belle or Rosetta?

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