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  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is head editor of Sarasaland Gossip magazine and co. leader of We Are Daisy Wikia
  • I am Male
  • Seinc

    Sarasaland Gossip Planning

    August 6, 2017 by Seinc

    To view past magazines, you can go on the Sarasaland Gossip Magazine page.

    This where we will plan and in send our magazine pages.

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  • Seinc

    I was exploring Super Bell Subway, and as it turns out, there are a lot of small and easily misable references to Princess ORANGE and Peach & Daisy Royal Patisserie in MK8.

    In some of the vending machines, you can see bottles with the logo on it.

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  • Seinc

    Hello everyone! For quite some time, the methods for becoming an administrator have been very disorganized and mostly undecided. We needed to put something regarding the subject on the We Are Daisy Wikia Rules page in order to prevent confusion, so DaisyFF, Lynda and I met in the chat and decided on 4 methods which can be used to gain admin rights.

    Method 1 - Ruiling an affiliation of the group: Anyone who rules a branch is automatically considered an administrator, even if they aren't on the Wikia at all.

    Method 2 - Being a member of the Decision Committee: If someone is removed from the Decision Committee or leaves, a vote will be held. The member with the highest number of votes after 24 hours will join the DC and along with that, will re…

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  • Seinc

    As of now we will only have a community for racing, but if we get enough people to play in this community then we may end up making a separate community dedicated to battles.

    This community is in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe on the Nintendo Switch, not on the original Wii U version of Mario Kart 8.

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  • Seinc

    So I've seen some debates about this in the comments section of our Top 10 Theories and Facts You Didn't Know About Princess Daisy video, and after looking over this debate, I see that they may be on to something!

    Belle has a very similar bright yellow dress to Daisy and has light brown hair. She wears earrings and gloves that go beyond her elbows.

    In terms of personality, they are also quite similar. Daisy is very different from the other female characters, in fact, Nintendo has actually referred to her as odd! In Belle's village, she is (like Daisy) considered an odd girl and does her own thing rather than doing what the other girls in her village do. Belle also loves flowers. Remember at the beginning of Beauty & The Beast, every year her…

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