Heart to heart, Daisy stan to Daisy stan.


I have made an account here in an attempt to serve justice. A few days ago, during my typical google hunt for all things Princess Daisy, a pioneering discovery was made. I am shaken. A user introduced Daisy, Queen of Sarasaland, to the roleplay world! Woohoo for representation!


Before I delve into my point and fight for the greater good, let me give you the basics. At first glance I was confused, but it wasn't long after that the concept made sense to me. Let me give you a background. Ovivor is an esteemed RP based around the survival / competition TV show Survivor (which you can google for more info.)

The participants are allowed to play a character of their choice from just about any TV show, game, movie or even an OC if desired. When the eighth installment hit, a user decided it was time to let our national hero SHINE! I read over the transcript (A link is included on the official Ovivor: Sri Lanka page)

Naturally, she was a ☆ superstar ☆ and the best character in the RP. I became infatuated. Just like the REAL Daisy-- she was strong, she was feminist, she demonstrated class but also kicked some major butt when she needed to. Not once did she show a single sign of defeat. Even after one of her closest friends was voted out. She was an unstoppable force and destined to be the winner of the game. However -- once it came down to the Final 7 it became a bumpy ride for Daisy.

She masterminded the blindside of another character A.K.A Jaden. He would have gone home, sending Daisy to the Final 6 (WOAH!). Had she made this point, the game would have been in her hands. She had the votes. We would have seen our beloved princess crowned the winner. But nope... my dreams were crushed when the host resorted to foul play and gave one of Daisy's enemies an idol. Which if you don't know -- the idol can be played on yourself or another person to negate all the votes against them and send the person with the next highest amount home. Jaden had the idol played on him and our queen was sent packing. Reading over the transcript, this moment broke my heart. There was a clearer than day Daisy bias, among the host and the players and that is N-O-T okay.

Now, you may think all of this is stupid or a small issue or irrelevant to the cause of Daisy. But the thing is -- we can't ignore smaller cases of injustice or OBVIOUS bias like the one shown here.

If you're with me, I'm going to stage a peaceful protest. Please post #Justice4Daisy in the comments section of the following article: ( ) to make the host consider giving Daisy a second chance and give her the promo she deserves. 


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