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    Hi. Some of you may know me as ZapRodVail from the McLeodGaming forums. But if you don't I am ZapRodVail from the McLeodGaming forums. You're probably wondering why I'm here. I'm trying to come to a settlement here. I don't represent McLeodGaming as a whole, but I just wanted to express a lot of the frustrations that many people on the SSF2 speculation forums have been experiencing.

    Now in no way am I trying to rain on everyone's parade and just blatantly hate on Daisy. I actually think she would be a great character for SSF2 and I welcome her inclusion whole-heartedly. The problem lies in MemoryMan's constant spamming of the speculation thread about Daisy. If you don't believe be, check his profile on there. He has 48 posts in the speculati…

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