Hello everyone! I made a community on Mario kart 8 where we can have races! Another user started one, but I noticed that some features were turned off, such as no computers, and I think it would be a boring race to race with 1-2 other people and just have 3 people in a room without the computers. We can make it a goal for us Daisy players to try to score higher than all computers.. and in the event where we get 12 Total fans in one race, we are all daisy!!

I think I set up the time correctly, so you can all play 24/7. Please post on here, on the twitter, deviantart, youtube, whatnot when you want to play and we will all see if we are available to play. I included the QR code for the official Daisy Mii at the bottom right corner in case anyone wanted her. Please try to race as Daisy, Baby Daisy, or a Daisy Mii.

To join the community, put in the # code (found at the bottom of the image) on to your mario kart 8 tournament search once you have accessed the internet/wifi section.

I kept the CC to 150CC. If folks would prefer a 200CC, let me know and we can change it. Also, this community is only for races. If enough people want a battle tournament tell us! And I or some of the other daisy fans can make a tournament for battles, too!

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