Hi folks.

I want everyone's opinion on this.

So you may or may not know that in Mario Kart 8, when selecting through kart bodies and gliders, the colour schemes change depending on the character you select. Well, I was thinking, since this is the We Are Daisy wikia, and how we want any and every information about Daisy... Well let me just tell you

I spent a long time writing out the colourations given to Daisy's vehicles and what other characters receive the same design as Daisy, and it is a lot of text

I do not want to clutter the Mario Kart 8 page anymore than it is already, so I was thinking of putting a "See here for more" and creating a new page listing all the colourations descriptions, images, and which characters share the same colouration of vehilces to daisy

But I was worried some folks may be opposed to having more pages. On the + side of more pages, that means more content and more information about Daisy! yay!

But some folks think a - side of more pages is, the more and more pages, the harder it is to find anything on this wikia.

So I wanted your opinon on how I should approach this manner! Thank you for your input!

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