I think making Nintendo know that we want Daisy playable in Smash should be a very important goal for us. 

For many years, Daisy has been in the shadows of Peach, with the only way to play as something resembling her is to select the pink princess and cycle through the alternate costume. We were also handed a trophy...or several trophies, and a wig. This has caused some people to look at her as a mere palette swap, as the developers expected us to be content with just picking Peach and pretending.

Now, I know Smash Bros could be seen as an all star Nintendo game, but with the latest entry, we have been seeing more and more characters from obscure games and franchises get in, such as Dr. Mario from a few Dr.Mario games, or Dark Pit from Kid Icarus, or Roy from Fire Emblem or even Rosalina, who was chosen in 2012, before she was planned for 3D World, because of her puppeteer gimmick and not because of 'main games'. I'm not saying that these characters are lame, in fact, I even main Rosalina in Smash 4. I'm just saying that Smash Bros should not be seen as out of reach for someone like Daisy. 

Now, there was a ballot that Nintendo launched last year. Despite our efforts to get her in through Miiverse and other forms of social media, she lost to Bayonetta, who got added in against the odds from 'being too sexual' or a 'obscure third party'! The same can happen to Daisy! Fan demand trumps all! 

Now, you might be thinking, 'what's so special about Smash Bros?'. Well, it's the fact that playing a different character almost feels like you're playing a different game altogether. With someon like Rosalina, your aim is to keep Luma alive as a defensive wall and overwhelm your opponent. With Peach, your aim is to gain air superiority with her floating ability. With Luigi, your aim is to keep racking up damage with grab combos and fireballs. This could get really exciting and tense at tournament level, as you can see.

The closest we got to Daisy being a tournament star like this was in Mario Strikers Charged, where she had a very specific playstyle - trying to score goals in the cheapest ways possible. It kept me playing as her for months. Imagine a fast, athletic Daisy in Smash Bros, who focuses on tripping up her opponents with plants and vines, landing in big hits! We could also attract new Daisy fans who want to learn more about the character, and this will serve to make our fanbase even stronger!

So, what do you think? Should we add this to our "Goals" page? 

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