• Lynda44

    Searching for ideas

    June 29, 2017 by Lynda44

    Hello everybody !

    I am finally on vacations but I do want to do some artistic works to not get bored. :p

    I learnt in my studies this year how to use Animate CC (Micromedia Flash) , a software to make animations but I want to improve my skills on it, and this, by doing some animations including princess Daisy. I have an idea of a little story about her but I want to make it special by excelling on the software, and so, I prefer to do something "less complicated" so I can learn more and more.

    I want to say in the first place that I may not finish it during the summer (I don't promise to finish soon because animation take so much time) but it will be with pleasure to work on something for the Youtube Channel for exemple.

    I invite you to give me s…

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  • Lynda44

    Hello everybody. I hope you're all doing well and are enjoying summer. Me on an other side, I am not that great...

    I visited this wikia a few days ago, and like ZeFrenchM, I was really surprised that there a long debate in the thread created by Jourdon about most wanted newcomers for Smash Bros. And it was mainly about... Waluigi. I was shocked, devasted, really sad about all the negative comments against him. I just don't understand. Even the two times when I tried to defend him, nothing has changed. Always the same talking, the same criticizing, the same prejudices.'​'

    I don't want to say that I am disappointed, because I love this Wikia and all its members, I visit it every day to see what's new, to read your discussions and debates, and…

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