Hi This is my story for the FanFiction contest. P.S this supports LuigixDaisy. Enjoy😊

It was a beautiful day in Sarasaland. The birds were chirping and it was a sunny day. It seemed like no evil in the air right? Wrong.

Daisy was in her bedroom. She was preparing herself for a picnic with Luigi. "I think that is all." She said excited. Then the lights flickered. "What?" She exclaimed. The lights came back on only with boos everywhere! "Ok that's it!" She yelled. She punched and kicked the boos. All of them disappeared except for one. King Boo. "Who are you" she demanded. He smiled evilly and sprayed her with a sleep potion. She fell to the floor, asleep. "Boos!" He yelled. Boos came out and took her to the mansion. Daisy's mom, the queen came in. "Daisy is everything alright?" She stopped when she saw King Boo. King Boo laughed. "Daisy is gone. Tell Luigi I will be waiting at my mansion. Then he disappeared. The queen ran out in a hurry.

Meanwhile Luigi was also preparing for the picnic. "Ok that is it" he said. His phone rang. "It's the King of Sarasaland. Hello?" "Luigi you must come quick!" Said the king anxiously. "What is it?" "It's Daisy Luigi! She has been kidnapped by King Boo!" "What?! I'm on my way!" Luigi got on his kart and headed for Sarasaland, it didn't take long for him to get there.

"Luigi, you must find Daisy!" Said the King and queen. "Don't worry I will find her. Said Luigi. "We wish you the best of luck" said the King. Luigi headed for Ghost Valley.

Meanwhile Daisy woke up in a painting. "Get me out of here!" Demanded Daisy. "Ha never" said King Boo. "I kidnapped you because I want to get revenge on Luigi. What a better way then to kidnap someone precious to him, you. "Luigi stay safe" she thought.

Luigi was really close to the mansion. Ghost valley was the fastest way. He sucked up all the ghosts with his Poltergust. He was already at the front door. "Well well,look who it is". He summoned a giant tv showing Luigi's every move. "Luigi" Daisy said happily. "Too bad he won't be able to come up here." He pushed a button and purple like boos came out. "Only a music box hidden in the crown paintingcan turn them off." "Wait", Daisy thought. "I forgot I had my phone. I will text him how to get rid of the boos". Text sent. Luigi got the text. "Daisy you're too smart." He found the music box. He turned it on and music started playing. The boos were closing on him disappeared. "He found it!" Daisy yelled happily. "Time to get serious" King Boo said with an evil grin. He drank a giga potion. He turned double his size! "Wait" Daisy thought. She look down at her diamond ring her mom gave her. "I can use it to get out of the mirror!" Luigi came in and King Boo was waiting. "It's over King Boo!" Yelled Luigi. "Ha their is only one of you!" Yelled King Boo. "Make it two of you!" Daisy broke out of the mirror! "Daisy you're okay!" Said Luigi. "How did you get out? Whatever I can defeat the both of you!" Yelled King Boo. "Daisy you get his crown and destroy it. I will distract him." Whispered Luigi. Daisy nodded. Luigi blinded King Boo with his flashlight. "Their is a chair, if I get on it, wall jump, I can grab the crown!" Said Daisy. King Boo kept spewing shards and one cut Luigi's arm. "Luigi!" Yelled Daisy. She got on the chair, wall jumped and got the crown right before King Boo cornered Luigi. She threw it on the ground and smashed it to pieces. "What?!" Yelled King Boo. "NOooo" and he disappeared. Daisy ran towards Luigi. "Are you okay" asked Daisy. Luigi got up. "I'm okay". Daisy hugged him. "Thanks for rescuing me". "You rescued yourself" said Luigi. Daisy kissed him on the nose. "Mama Mia" Luigi said dazed. "Let's just head back".

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