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  • LuigiFanGirlGamer

    Hi This is my story for the FanFiction contest. P.S this supports LuigixDaisy. Enjoy😊

    It was a beautiful day in Sarasaland. The birds were chirping and it was a sunny day. It seemed like no evil in the air right? Wrong.

    Daisy was in her bedroom. She was preparing herself for a picnic with Luigi. "I think that is all." She said excited. Then the lights flickered. "What?" She exclaimed. The lights came back on only with boos everywhere! "Ok that's it!" She yelled. She punched and kicked the boos. All of them disappeared except for one. King Boo. "Who are you" she demanded. He smiled evilly and sprayed her with a sleep potion. She fell to the floor, asleep. "Boos!" He yelled. Boos came out and took her to the mansion. Daisy's mo…

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