Hey guys my friend Rosetta Grande happens to be leader of the Rosalina Fan Base which as dozens of members. I invited her to We Are Daisy on Google plus. And she announced she got her crew on board, She got her members to sign our petition! 

Thanks to the Rosalina Fans we now have 15 supports to go!

And They will be joining us with the sending email to Nintendo My friend Rosetta Really wanted to help and so did the fans and  she check out the Wikia she said it was Flawless! They've already set up a petition in 2009 and it got Rosalina her Amiibo and the 3D World spot!! Their help can get Daisy in more games!!  If you guys want you can send her a thank email for her and her group's support! Heres her email if i'm not mistaken it's as it says on her Google+  heres her G+ to follow her but guys leave comments below and tell me what you guys think about this!

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