Tatanga's Return: Super Mario Galaxy 3 Prediction

Nintendo has confirmed that a third sequel to the Super Mario Galaxy is in the "pipeline" and game designer and director Shigeru Miyamoto stated that they had already dicussed this shortly after Super Mario Galaxy 2 was released for Wii. In a IGN interview with Miyamoto he also stated there will be secrets revealed and unexpected returning characters in the game. Sources:  and

It's clear that Nintendo hasn't forgotten about Sarasaland because it was mention many time throughout the series in spin-offs.Nintendo had also created a special level for Daisy fans called adventure in Sarasaland so this means the infamous alien Tatanga may have not been forgotten in the series. Tatanga has appeared in the Super Mario Land series twice both when he kipnaps Princess Daisy and he also shows up in Super Nintendo Comics as seen is this image below.

Profile picture by tatanga the alien-d88fsjg

The Epic Return of Tatanga

Tatanga hasn't appeared in any Mario game in the series since the Super Mario Land series but yet he is still consider a villian in the Mario Franchise. Super Mario Galaxy 3 would be the best way for this fiend to make a comeback to the series. The Super Mario Galaxy series is known to introduce characters and creatures from other planets,galaxies and universes. This is why the game is perfect for Tantaga's Return because there are lots are villians from outer space that Mario has dealt with before like Princess Shroob for example.

3197 super-mario-galaxy-3-prev
Artwork Daisy MP10

Tatanga's Alliance with Bowser

This is a very unlikely ally but let's say if Tantaga does come back, Tatanga has already been defeated twice by Mario and he's going to need some help so he forms an allicance and with Bowser in order to take over the entire galaxy and putting the kingdom Sarasaland and the Mushroom Kingdom under their power. How is this alliance possible simple Tantaga and Bowser both want the same things destroying Mario and power over Kingdoms maybe even galaxies more power the better. Tantanga and Bowser will team up to invade the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Princess Peach in ransom like ways to get to force  Princess Daisy to go.

Bowser and Tantaga will create a new galaxy and Bowser and the Koopa Klan will probably invade the Sprixie Kingdom to kipnap the Sprixie Princesses like they did once before in Super Mario 3D World and when Mario frees them they will assist Mario in later levels. Bowser will attack Rosalina's Comet Obsevertory for energy for his ship.

Characters and Their Roles Mario- Saves the Sprixies and joins them, Rosalina, Toad, Luigi, and Daisy to rescue Princess Peach and the Two Kingdoms from being enslaved by Bowser and Tantaga


Princess Peach- Kidnapped by Bowser and Tantaga

Princess Peach (Fortune Street)

Luigi- Mario's Brother who sides with to save Peach and stop the invasions of the galaxies

Luigi SM3DW

Princess Daisy- Lugi's girlfriend and ruler of Sarasaland who has survived and escaped after the invasion of Sarasaland by Tantaga and Bowser and goes to the brothers for help and later joins them to stop the invasions

Artwork Daisy MP10

Rosalina- Mother of the Lumas and guardian of the cosmos and who's sees the return of Tatanga and warns Mario then helps Mario to rescue the Sprixies and Princess Peach


Toad Brigade- A team lead by Captain Toad who joins Mario in his quest to rescue the princesses


The Sprixie Princesses- Rulers of the Sprixie Kingdom which is invaded by Bowser and then kidnaps them and Mario releases them later in the game.

200px-Fairy Group Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Lubba- Friend of Mario and Captain of Starship Mario

SMG2 Lubba

Polari- Rosalina's assisant luma

Polari MKDB

Baby Luma- Helper of Mario in his quest

480px-SSB4 Luma Artwork

Yoshi- Mario friend who helps him rescue the princesses

Yoshi Happy YBA

Plessie- Friend of Mario who helps him to save the galaxy

Plessie Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

Bowser- Mario's enemy who teams up with Tatanga to take over the Galaxy and kidnaps the Sprixies , Princess Peach, and attacks the Comet Observatory

Bowser - New Super Mario Bros 2

Tatanga- An alien who is also Mario's enemy who teams up with Bowser to kidnap the princesses andt take over the galaxy

Mysterious space man by evilwaluigi-d7l8vxt

Bowser Jr.- Son of Bowser who helps his father destroy Mario

SMG BowserJr

The Koopalings- Bowser adopted kids and minions who help him to take down Mario

Koopalings - New Super Mario Bros U

Synopsis by Daisy9 Forever

The Galaxy is invaded by Tatanga.  Mario and Luigi get an emergency message from Rosalina and they go to the observatory to stop the attack. Meanwhile, Bowser and can easily take over the Mushroom Kingdom and kidnap Peach. When Mario and Luigi come back to earth, they find out what happened and try to take back the kingdom. They soon hear that Tatanga is attacking Sarasaland. They decide that they have to stop the attack first and they rush to Sarasaland, but the attack has already ended. They find Daisy, who was able to escape. They go back to the observatory to discuss what to do. They think Bowser's and Tatanga's army will next attack in the Sprixie Kingdom. They gather all help they can get and go there. Then, Bowser's and Tatanga's army attack, but they are able to stop them. They then have to defeat Bowser in the Mushroom Kingdom and Tatanga in Sarasaland to bring back the peace.

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