I know this is a crazy idea to most people but it makes sense because Super Mario Land had a connection to space, Muda Kingdom had ufos and portals to outer space and the fact the enemy of that game "Tatanga" was an alien the plot of game would be that different if you just switched the setting and a few chracters and the story a little bit


Like so, During a festival in the Muda that Mario Luigi and Peach were invited to. The Party is crashed by ufos that arrive and lasers and bombs attack the Kingdom and Daisy would replace Peach as the one being kidnapped like Super Mario Galaxy Bowser takes Peach by using a UFO to do so and this could've been Tatanga who does this to take Daisy if they were in the game. So Mario and Luigi could've went to save Daisy while Peach and Toad stay to make sure everyones safe but when Mario and Luigi are at the castle the UFO lifts the castle taking Mario and Luigi with it into space while Peach is praying for their lives as she watches them being carried away into outer space. While Daisy is trapped inside Mario and Luigi try to enter then one of Tatanga's minions attack them and they float away into space jus like how Kamek attack Mario in SMG. Then they wake up on an unknown small planet and meet lumas who found them then the story goes as SMG when they meet Rosalina and Rosalina says she's been watching them and that she knows Daisy was taken so she assigns lumas to assist in their adventure. And then after all the levels and bosses they go with Rosalina into the center of he universe where Tantaga is holding her captive but this time instead of holding her in an unknown galaxy where Bowser took Peach the final world will have taken place on Tantaga's home planet where he is making Daisy his queen by marrying her. Mario Luigi and Rosalina crash the wedding and Mario and Luigi face Tantaga while Rosalina frees Daisy and takes her back to the Comet Obsevatory while Mario and Luigi faces Tantaga after while Tantaga is "defeated" Mario and Luigi go back to the Comet Observatory and they fly off and the BOSS BATTLE wasn't over Tantaga goes after him using his spaceship attack the Comet Observatory and Mario and Luigi go back out to space to take down his ship and finally Rosalina comes out of the Observory and uses her powers to strike to ship causing it to explode causing a reaction making a huge blackhole that destroys Tantaga's planet and almosts sucks the Comet Observtory and then all of the lumas fly out of the ship and instead of sacxrificing themselves like they did in SMG they come together to form a giant Launch Star that boost the ship and sends it flying away from the black hole and now they're safe with tthe princess and they fly back to the Mushroom World and land back in the Muda Kingdom and Peach and Toad are excited and the citizens of Muda rejoice for the return of the heros and Daisy's safety and Rosalina and the lumas meet everyone and Rosalina thanks Mario for helping her and Mario Luigi and Daisy thanks her for her help and Rosalina and the lumas go back to their ship and fly off into space and the Kingdom rejoices and throw a party at the end and Rosalina uses the events of what had happened and turn it into a story to read to her lumas. The End.  

What do you think not bad huh?

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