Now there's been a lot of talk everywhere concerning a possible Super Smash Bros. for Switch and people are discussing what characters and reps may return and be in the next game. To not make this too off topic.There are some Mario reps that were constantly brought up in discussions as possible new Mario reps if Nintendo wants new Mario reps which they WOULD consider.

The Smash game may consider more Mario reps seeing there are new ones added to Smash in almost every release. These are the Mario reps we already have

Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Bowser Jr. Rosalina and Luma and Donkey Kong with Diddy, Yoshi, and Wario are reps of their own series 

So not counting those 4 we have a total of 6 Super Mario reps

Now here a list dealing with Possible Super Mario Reps

Super Mario Possible Reps

1. Waluigi he's been mentioned the most has a large fandom and he's fairly popular Nintendo wise. His chances aren't HUGE seeing he's been an assist trophy and Sakurai doesn't really like him for some reason and the fact if he was added what universe would he be a part of Mario or Wario? There's still some confusion with that and one of the Smash games named him a WarioWare character. With this being said his chances aren't really huge but he could be a possibility plus this is spinoff and that's his thing XD
Smash4 mod waluigi by nibroc rock-da7ddua
2. King Boo he's been mentioned as well. Debuted in Luigi Mansion and continued to appear in Super Mario games as a villain. He's one of the most popular villains to ever debut in Super Mario series. He's pretty likely seeing he's been in very popular games where he's had major roles. And him being in a Smash could help the lack of villains on the roster that's another thing Smash lacks other than more women. And I've seen insane move sets for this guy that perfect suits him so he would be an interesting character and he should totally have his Dark Moon counterpart as an alt! 
King boo luigis mansion dark moon

3. Daisy another possible rep she has more trophies in Smash 4 than any Mario rep, she's been Peach's reskin since Melee and got a costume in Smash 4 although these aren't much to prove anything. Her being in Smash would help the lack of women in the Smash games. There are many royals in the game including Peach Zelda Lucina Rosalina and Palutena so there may be a chance another royal may come. She's very popular and could be a possibility plus there WAS a Super Mario Land stage planned for Smash 4 so Daisy might've been thought of at some point! Her Amiibo could give her more chances now that she has one.

Smash4 mod daisy by nibroc rock-da7dcti

4. Petey Pirhanna Now I must say this is most interesting requested character! Petey debuted in Super Mario Sunshine one of the best Super Mario games to this day! He's been relevant to appear in more major Maingames and RPGs over years. Appearing in games like Sunshine, New Super Mario Bros. 1, Mario Galaxy, Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, Paper Jam and Sticker along with the newest Color Splash. Even Super Princess Peach! So he's well established and has been around for 15 years. And he's had a history with Smash Bros. as well he appeared in Smash Bros. Brawl as a major boss in it's story mode and there were models hidden in Smash 4's file with Petey Pirhanna's models on it so he was possibly planned for Smash 4! So his chances are pretty fair! Plus he could help the lack of villains on the roster! And I've seen some awesome move sets for him. 

Petey piranha

5. Toad / Captain Toad

Toad has been in Super Mario since day one. There has never been a maingame he has not been in. He's been a very established and awesome main character! Peach uses him as a shield so this could lower his chances but this is why Captain Toad comes into the mix to differentiate. He would be an obvious choice for the Super Mario universe he deserves We've got Peach Mario Luigi and no toad playable. Toad should get a way to be playable all the designers need to do is replace Toad with a Potted Piranha Plant DONE! Toadette and Captain Toad could be alts.


6. Dry Bowser this has been talked about by many people. Dry Bowser has his own fans surprisingly. While he is Bowser there's been many games that confirmed him separate a big one being Mario Party Island Tour and Paper Jam. He looks awesome and would help the villains situation Smash has. Personally, I think he should be an Alt but then again Alts of regular character can become their own for more choices on the roster Examples like Dark Pit, Zero Suit Samus, Sheik, Dr. Mario and many others defend this case.


7. Geno this character has gotten the most hype and controversy more than even of Waluigi. Geno's may be the most likely out of all of these characters. He debuted in Super Mario RPG the first Maingame/RPG Super Mario had and was directed by Miyamoto and supported by Square Enix, he wasn't made by Nintendo but is still considered a Nintendo character. He has powers that make a potential moveset and the BIGGEST advantage he has is Sakurai loves him and is gaga for Geno. Geno almost appeared in Smash 4 but didn't make the final cut but instead put a Mii Costume for representation another big reason is Nintendo and Square Enix are like crossed fingers with each other they've worked on som any stuff together and they allowed Cloud from Final Fantasy to be added into Smash 4's roster so Square letting Nintendo put Geno in Smash as a tribute to Super Mario RPG wouldn't be impossible. 

Tumblr ofyd79TJHg1uspf2uo1 500

Others Possible Super Mario related reps

These are the most talked about reps who are possible for the next Smash Bros.

1. Ashley and Red  (Wario Series) one of the most talked about possible Wario reps. She's a powerful teen witch and her little demon friend who appears in the Warioware series and she's pretty likely seeing she and him is one of the most popular Warioware characters to date. And their moveset would be interesting seeing Red the demon and can turn into almost any powerful object she can use to attack opponents. And she has her own full popular Mii costume and was an Assist Trophy and Warioware needs more reps so why not start with her?!


2. Paper Mario (Paper Mario series) If Nintendo were to consider new Nintendo ips to be in Smash one of them could be Paper Mario! He has a successful series with awesome games. He would not be another Mario clone because he'd play entirely differently because his moves would be based on the Paper Mario series but NONE of that Sticker Star crap I want TYD and Super Paper Mario moves with some Color Splash. Now people doubt highly they'll be more reps other than Paper Mario not even Paper Luigi so even though I want Shadow Queen Peach to be a villain rep I wouldn't get my hopes up for more reps for this series. But Paper Mario will be just fine.

Paper mario in super smash bros by icequix-d69rmj8

3. Dixie Kong (DK series) Dixie Kong is one of the main character if her franchise and has never been forgotten in any Dk game and she's been hero in DK games and has an ideal moveset based off her actions in the DK games this is why fans are puzzled is to why there's only 2 DK reps and she would help the Female Representation like Daisy and Ashley would for their series


4.King K. Rool (DK series) He's the major villain in DK series and fan says he needs to return. I agree plus DK needs more reps and Smash needs more Villians so this could actually work out.


Now which ones of the Super Mario reps mentioned above MAY possibly happen and which ones that you want to SEE happen? 

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