It's all over gaming news DaisyFORFUTURE was right both Nintendo UK and Nintendo of Europe are teasing things about a possible MK8 DLCS. And a weeks ago Nintendo UK tweets about the DLC look here:

Returning Daisy Track?

This also means a possiblity of a returning Daisy themed racecourse either Daisy Cruiser because it cameod in a previous DLC track if you remember GCN Yoshi Circuit or it could be Daisy Circuit which is ideal since it had popularity back in the "Wii Era" .

The Next Update: Wave 2 Amiibo Compatibility

Since E3 revealed the 2nd Wave of Mario Amiibo which included the New Daisy, Boo, and Waluigi Amiibos and if there is DLC there would have to be an update with it. So we can expect the new Daisy Mii racersuit to add to the MK8 page!!!

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