Wow if you played Super Mario Galaxy you would know theres a Star Festival held every hundred years right?

But the SMG sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 held another star festival! What I'm saying is, in Super Mario Galaxy 2 the beginning of the story stated another star festival was happenning becuase it's been another 100 years passed since the last one which was set in SMG 1 and Super Mario Galaxy 1 opening did state "The star festival is held every 100 years" and yet another festival is taking place in SMG2 which means

Super Mario Galaxy 2 took place 100 years from what happened in the first Super Mario Galaxy. Wouldn't that mean Mario Peach even Daisy could be over 100 years old in-game?!

Look at this SMG2 opening text! So could this mean Mario and others including Daisy are over 100 years old?

Bandicam 2016-10-02 13-51-15-251

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