Before you read, Every word bolded means a clue

Hey guys I came across something unbeliveable. I discovered a town that took place in one of the tournaments in Mario Sports Mix.


Now First don't you find it convenient that this town and Daisy Gardens is seen during the Tournament for the FLOWER CUP?

Now I find the Fire Flower a symbolic reference to Daisy in some cases like the fact Daisy new color scheme matches the the Fire Flower

and the fact Daisy has an affinity for flowers and this flower and her are the same colors! And aren't they Daisy's Favorite colors?

Hmmm..... Personally I don't think this a conincidence, think About it!!! Daisy's Cruiser was on the Fire Flower Cup on Double Dash

and what about on Mario Kart Wii when she was a ghost for Coconut Mall and THAT was on the Flower Cup!!!!! 

And Mariowiki says something about In Mario Golf: World Tour, Fire Flowers appear as usable item shots. In addition to increasing shot distance, they also allow the ball to burn through obstructions such as trees. It is the signature item for Princess Daisy. Which hasn't been deleted or disproved.



1. Okay first this town is cleary is dotted with flowers and has windmills like the references in Mario Kart 7's Daisy Hills and Mario Kart 8's Sweet Sweet Canyon and this town has a similar vide to what Daisy Hills had. And the buildings share similair stlye like some of the ones seen on Daisy Circuit.

And if you look closely at the center of the big windmill you'll see an orange silhouette of a flower with SIX PETALS just like DAISY'S EMBLEM

20160902 144129

And if you look at the center of the town you'll see a BIG ORANGE AND YELLOW Flower right in front of the big windmill buildings

20160902 144144

The Courts

Now I found this interestering now the Daisy Garden Courts is located in this town so that has to mean something The last stage in the flower cup is and always Daisy Gardens for some reason Petey Pirahana's there to be the goal.

800px-MSM 2-3 Dodgeball

Now that's not the only stage that is of reference, this was only the LAST stage

The First Stage is non other than LUIGI'S MANSION!!!!!

Now how is this a connection to the town being a reference to Daisy? Well first it's a Luigi Courts first of all! 

And Since Luigi and Daisy are close their courts shared the SAME CUP! The Flower Cup for some reason.


And do you remember the Daisy file found in The Luigi Manison's Game itself? No connection to this game it is somenthing.

But this town is odviously a Daisy Reference these evidences say something.

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