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  • Jourdon

    Well it's discovered Super Mario Odyssey world's and the hub is based off a certain Gameboy game not many people know and it turns out, shockingly and  THAT GAME IS NOT SUPER MARIO LAND! 

    As you can see it's based off a Gameboy game called Donkey Kong 94' and the resemblances of the worlds are striking!

    So this may be why there are no kingdoms or notable places from previous Mario game making appearances in this game.

    Prepare to be shocked!

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  • Jourdon

    Now there's been a lot of talk everywhere concerning a possible Super Smash Bros. for Switch and people are discussing what characters and reps may return and be in the next game. To not make this too off topic.There are some Mario reps that were constantly brought up in discussions as possible new Mario reps if Nintendo wants new Mario reps which they WOULD consider.

    The Smash game may consider more Mario reps seeing there are new ones added to Smash in almost every release. These are the Mario reps we already have

    Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Peach, Bowser Jr. Rosalina and Luma and Donkey Kong with Diddy, Yoshi, and Wario are reps of their own series 

    So not counting those 4 we have a total of 6 Super Mario reps

    Now here a list dealing with Possibl…

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  • Jourdon

    New Gear for Daisy!!!

    April 5, 2017 by Jourdon

    Hey guys look what I found, turns out Daisy along with other characters can unlock new gear to use.

    I found this on Mario wiki so we should add this?

    What do you think

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  • Jourdon

    Super Nintendo World Ideas

    December 13, 2016 by Jourdon

    Nintendo of America just announced Super Nintendo World a theme park at Universal Japan and Flordia and California of America. And they also announced  the Super Nintendo World Park of Japan will open just in time for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!!!! They just released an Offical Concept Art of part of the Park and I can see Peach and Toad and Yoshis even Toadette in the picture! Peach's Castle is one of the attractions!  Bowser's Castle of course too! I can't wait I'm near the Universal Studious in Flordia!

    Take a look! Any ideas for rides or attractions? 

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  • Jourdon

    I can't beileve it! Ubosoft and Nintendo are releasing a Raving Rabbids/Mario crossover! No rumors! This happening for real! The Rabbids are going to invade the Mario universe!,268126

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