This is my first time ever using a blog on this site but i figure why don't I just use these to post updates or announcements of my fanfics works that are Mario related and other news but anyway getting back to my announcement.

Now I am a writer and I love to write stories and I have always wanted to write fanfictions based on some of my favorite video game,anime and manga characters and now I finally have the opportunity to write one and I decided to do my first one based in the Mario Universe.

This fanfic has been in development for months now and is in it's final stages so the wait won't be too long. It'll be released around 2016 but I had already gave a official release date of the first chapter and it will be revealed tomorrow along with the shory summary of the story with the official title of the story.

Not many people nowadays can write good fanfics some can but others not so much. I'm not trying to say that mine is going to be the best one ever but I think I have thought up of a great story to tell and I want to share it with the world.

I'm not going to say too much about it but if your a fan of the LxD pairing then you will love this story. Don't worry there will be lots MxP in here too if your a fan of that pairing. I plan to post chapters of this story on my DeviantArt, account and on this site to help spice up the site a bit. If you are interested in following me on DeviantArt and the links are on my profile. Alright everyone i'm out bye! :)

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