This is a message from a Gamefaqs user (his/her name is at the top of the message). I'm sorry but I'm so upset to see such false things about Daisy that I decided to prove that haters simply can't be taken seriously:


Daisy appears in spin-offs since the beginning: FALSE! She is a main game character as her first appearance is in Super Mario Land in 1989.

Daisy didn't lost anything: FALSE! She has been relegated in the spin-off world since 1989, she doesn't entierely belong to this as, as said before, she comes from a main game.

Waluigi has more potential than Daisy for Smash: FALSE! Daisy has several fan-made movests that are way better than the (unexisiting) Waluigi's movesets. Waluigi can't be more than an assit trophee with his little ridiculous racket.

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