I remember to what it will consist:

Hello everybody now recently TheKingofSarasaland's messae sent to Nintendo's gmail gave me an idea.

So I see many people who really want change, start an internet demand or friendly protest by tweet companies, using all of the company's contacts to get the word out to them. As of today I propose "The Daisy Fan Demand Plan" catchy right? and it rhymes. we do this every month we choose one week in each month because the plan is a 5 day process. 5 days! We get every Daisy fan out there, i'm talking fans on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Google Plus, Rosalina Peach and Daisy Fanclub, Gamefaqs, Smash Boards, Daisy fansites and other fans who'd like to help like the Rosalina and Peach fans we've allied with we get everyone to contact Nintendo through EVERY method possible!!! Day one: Google Plus Tagging! Nintendo have a Google Plus so one day we get everyone to make Post about Daisy in maingames and Tag Nintendo in EVERY POST using +Nintendo on Google Plus we get every Daisy community and allied communities to do this and we get the leader of every Daisy community to Pin the directions to their communites and i'll pin post the directions too on the Rosalina Peach and Daisy Fanclub.

Day Two: ​NOA Support Contacting! We do what we used to do go to that Nintendo site and use their contact service thing we used to ask Nintendo about Daisy Amiibo. We get everyone from every affilation including Google Plus to send their requests.

Day Three: ​Tweet to Nintendo America, Nintendo Europe , and Nintendo Japan on Twitter. We get everyone anf our affilates on Google Plus and Others to tweet to the Nintendo's twitter accounts about Daisy in maingames. Oh and when tweeting to Nintendo of Japan use Google Translate to tweet in Japanese.

Day Four: ​Tumblr tagging: We get everyone to use Tumblr to make posts while tagging Nintendo.

Day Five: ​Emailing Nintendo! We use the email TheKing use send it to everybody on our affilates and Google Plus to every Daisy community and allied commuties and get them to send a calm friendly letter to Nintendo! That way it can increase Nintendo of seeing the emails on the same subject instead of Nintendo trying to find one!

The Nintendo Switch is coming and if we make our voices even louder then Nintendo may open their ears to the public and see what the fans want. So what to do you think of the "Dasiy Fan Demand Plan"? Love the operation name?

With this Daisy may finally be in maingames and think of the possibilites, Daisy gets to team up with Peach and Rosalina more often. Her relationship with them may grow and may give Nintendo an idea for their own game. Tatanga could return and Sarasaland and it's inhabitants may return and we may see her Father she's been mentioning. also Daisy will interact with new characters and have new friends, rivals , and enemies along the way! Will see more Luigi and Daisy relationship. She may be in Luigi's Mansion games and other games starring Luigi as the main protaginist. More interactio between her and Mario. More interaction with Rosalina who may even become a 2nd Best Friend. More uses of her Amiibo. A Super Smash Bros. Debut as a fighter. And people may change their minds about her and see her true colors.

WE HAVE TO DO IT! This plan has to work, we need it! When it will be launched, make sure to spread the word ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE YOU CAN!!^^ And ask people to gather everybody they can! But you'll have everything the weekend!!

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