Plaquette envoi groupé

EVERY 21st of the month or during the nearest weekend until we have great news for Daisy, send to Nintendo through their social network accounts or through webforms messages saying that you want Daisy in more games and main Mario games!

Where to send: and look for the Customer service.


France :

Ask here if you want Nintendo's social network profiles or other countries adresses to contact them on their website.

Nintendo's Google+ account:

Nintendo Of America's phone number: 425 882 2040

Nintendo of Europe's phone number: 855 877 9099

For Daisy in Mario + Rabbids:

Here is the list of the mail and phone numbers of Ubisoft following your country: (You can change the language). Or by email, you’ll have to create an account! Additionnaly, look for Twitter and Facebook accounts of Ubisoft and comment their Mario + Rabbids posts while telling that you want Daisy:

Twitter Ubisoft France:

Twitter Ubisoft Italy (the ones who got the idea of this game):

Worldwide Ubisoft account:


Spread the world and tell everyone to do this, it is free! Put your print in the video game history!! Thank you so much, we will succeed!!