Hello everyone. Look we missed the January deadline so Jourdon and me decided we'd do a January/Febuary issue mashup the front January to the back Febuary

Heres what have so far

TOP TEN Mario Girls ( Done by Seinc)

TOP TEN Mario games for Daisy (Done by Seinc)

Daisy vs. Wendy Feud ( In Constuction)

Cooking with Daisy: January (In Constuction)

Cooking with Daisy: Valentine theme (In Construction)

Rumor Patrol pages

Top Ten Daisy Abilities page (Free to do)

Daisy amiibo card(s) (by Daisy Forfuture)


Top Ten Mario couples for Valentines theme (I'll set up a poll and someone could design the pages or I could do it)

Daisy x Luigi Valentine Fanart gallery ( I can do)

What might Nintendo Switch have in store for Daisy? (Free for anyone)

Any other suggestion PLEASE leave in comment

The new due date is Monday Febuary 13th the day before Valentines Day so that gives us 21 days to get these done.

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