Hello everyone!

You certainly remember when WAD has been created one of the first aims was to do an interview with Deanna Mustard but we removed it since we just began to exist. But now I think we have a fair amount of popularity so with Daisy Potential we started to think about bringing this aim back and we thought about some questions:

If you got the occasion to choose the character you would voice, who would you have chosen ?

Does voicing a character makes you being a fan of this character ?

Compared to princess Daisy, do you have the same way to be, the same behaviour, personnality ?

How did you get involved into voicing Nintendo characters ?

Do you meet sometimes princess Peach’s voicer ? (if yes, are you friends ? Do you speak together sometimes using respectively your character’s voice ?)

Do the recording sessions last long ? Is Nintendo sympathic ? How many recording sessions can you do in a year ?

Did you know princess Daisy before voicing her ?

Do you have any big new concerning princess Daisy ?

Do you use your « Daisy voice » outside the recording sessions ?

You are considered nearly as a goddess by a huge part of the Daisy fanbase and as a legend by the entiere Nintendo gamers community, how do you feel with that ?

How did you get the idea to become an actress ? How did you get into acting ? 

How does it feel to be the voice of a such popular and recurring character like Princess Daisy ?

Is your family aware that you are voicing Princess Daisy ? If yes, what do they think about it ? 

Have you ever met people who did recognize you as Daisy's voice actress during your everyday life ?

We could notice that Daisy's voice became more and more tomboyish, was it your choice or Nintendo's ?

Do you play Mario games sometimes ? If yes, do you always pick Daisy ? 

Do you hope that Daisy will show up outside spin-offs games ?

Are you aware about the existence of We Are Daisy Group ? If yes, what do you think about us ?

So if you have any idea of questions we could ask her, go ahead! ;)

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