This is the description of the roles and associated powers:

The founders : Daisy Potential and Daisy Forfuture. The founders control the whole Group and its administration. They directly lead the main branches (it is to say all the branches named We Are Daisy) except Google+. They indirectly lead the wikia, the decisions there have to be taken following the specific wikia rules and/ or with its leaders. In emergency cases, the founders can however use their status to force a decision to be taken or to requisition secondary or tertiary branches.

The general admins : Seinc, Daisy9 Forever, Jourdon Patron, The Real Princess Daisy TM, daisyfan06, Thunderlina. The general admins rules main entities of the Group. They lead the whole team working for these entities, so the admins too if there are. Every decisions for these entities have to be accepted by them.

The admins : Lynda44, TheKingOf Sarasaland, SonicBoom403, Princess Daisy TM : their status  is already fixed in the We Are Daisy Wikia Rules Chart. They are decided on the wikia but it is avalable for the whole Group. They represent the power outside the wikia and can make decisions for all the secondary and tertiary branches.

Rulers of secondary branches : They rule their branch without a single modification in their habits, however the petition and wikia links have to be always present. When an important info or decision from We Are Daisy is published, they have to publish it too.

Bureaucrats : These people are the ones who allow to professionalize We Are Daisy main entities

An entity isn’t a branch.

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