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  • I live in Sarasaland
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is founder of We Are Daisy
  • I am DAISY !!

    Tatanga disguises as rabbid (he would become Bwatanga !) and bottoms among the rabbids then he hypnotizes them and make them getting united to invade Sarasaland (of course there would be the whole Sarasaland fauna) while Daisy is in holidays. Peach calls her to tell her what is happening and Daisy comes back immediately, she takes her own weapon that allows to shoot three bullets at the same time and allows to possess the hit rabidd(s) during several seconds. This rabbid can be controled by Daisy in order to beat some other rabbids who think that this possessed rabbid is still on their side.

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    Entrance: Daisy hops off the Sky Pop, saying "Hi, I'm Daisy!"

    Appearance Change

    Daisy's appearance is slightly tweaked to match Super Smash Bros.'s more realistic art style. She is taller, and has freckles on her cheeks. Her dress is more detailed, adding small daisies in between her dress's lines and its puffs. (Look at the picture below)

    Idle animations

    1.) Daisy impatiently hops twice, in similar fashion to her Mario Power Tennis taunt.

    2.) Daisy puts her left hand on her hip, staring at her oponent.

    3.) Stretches her fingers, resembling the pose of her Mario Party 8 artwork.



    Punch --> Mini uppercut combo (7% damage)


    Side: Daisy hits her opponent with her ankle (5%)

    Up: Daisy kicks a football upwards with her knee (knee: 3% ball:…

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    Daisy often proves that she's a expert hider when playing hide and seek,but she sometimes loses and sometimes she wins.In the episode of Mario + Pokémon season 1 "Hide and seek",Daisy was shown playing hide and seek with Pikipek,Yungoos,Goldeen,the Pefana twins,Chatot,Jerbolta and Grubbin in Peach's royal castle gardens as they were picking fruits in the gardens.Daisy counted to 20 on the fountain in the middle of the gardens while Pikipek,Yungoos,Goldeen,the Pefana twins,Chatot,Jerbolta and Grubbin hide somewhere in the gardens.Daisy looked around the strawberry patch in the gardens to see if any of the Pokémon were hiding in there.Daisy scanned around and noticed two weird strawberries in the strawberry patch with one strawberry having a…

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    You are not the first one so don't worry! You can find the names of the other branches on the home page.

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    When a company has affiliates it is to win more money through its affiliates’ products so the company doesn’t really care if its name is mentioned or what because its aim in this case isn’t to be more known or to have more workers, but we are not a company and we don’t win money from our affiliates because one of our aims is to gather always more people, to be more known from more people and so to have always more members! That’s why it is highly important and popularly boosting if all our affiliates have We Are Daisy’s identities.

    We aim to create only one but SO strong fanbase. We can say …

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    Important new!

    August 2, 2017 by Daisy FORFUTURE

    A new amount of work awaits us! Our Affiliation Program has been received by someone who owns a Daisy wikia named Daisypedia, this has been once affiliated to Mario wiki but they thought that it was us whereas Daisypedia really exists. Of course we already have a wikia which gathers absolutely everything about Daisy so a second one wouldn't have been useful if it is to repeat everything. So with Daisy Potential we thought about how to convert it into something else, and we found! It will be a Fantendo-like wikia but focused on Daisy! I'll need the most people I can to work on it when I'll have all the infos!

    Thank you!

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