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    Daisy Daily's channel !

    January 10, 2017 by Daisy Daily

    ✿ Hey Daisy fans ! ✿ I am Daisy Daily, a fresh new member of the We Are Daisy wikia community. I'm working on a new project that is a Twitch channel ! Let me introduce you to what it's gonna be. Basically it will be a livestream channel where the Mario franchise will be featured, but most importantly a channel where Daisy is gonna be featured ! That's right, a 100% Daisy games channel !

    But before I start the adventure, I need your help ! Having the support of the Daisy fans community will be a huge encouragement, and if you are behind me, I know that I will not doing this project just for myself, but also for my community and all the Nintendo fans out there ! I'm still at the creation of my channel but I know I'll be fast to stream because I'…

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