I saw this article in which Shigeru Miyamoto talks about future Mario games (Mario + Rabbids, SMO, etc.):

Some interesting quotes from it:

  • "For Miyamoto, creating new characters is fun, but he doesn’t feel pressure to come up with something new. Rather than force in a new character, he’d rather see Mario dropped into new situations or using new mechanics."
  • "Fundamentally, I think that it’s ideal if we can get old characters to do new things," he says. "When there is a new game mechanic introduced and there’s a new character that really, really fits well, I think it’s great. But I do have a little bit of hesitancy and resistance when someone’s trying to overbearingly bring their thoughts in, and trying to create new characters over and over again."
  • "For me, Mario is that, and I want to create as many different games as possible using Mario. And I still think there’s a lot of potential and possibility left."
  • "I really start with the game mechanic, and then trying to make sure that the character that gets put into the game fits that mechanic. (...) with a game like Luigi’s Mansion, I really thought that Luigi was the perfect fit for that game, and that’s how it manifested."

Let's hope this could mean something for Daisy.

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