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    I was wondering about what Mario Kart games you all like and don't like as much. This is my list:

    1. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
    1. Mario Kart Wii    (couldn't pick between these two, so I put
                                   them both at 1)
    3. Mario Kart 7
    4. Mario Kart 8 (deluxe)
    5. Mario Kart DS
    6. Mario Kart 64
    7. Mario Kart Super Circuit
    8. Super Mario Kart

    Haven't played the arcade games, so I can't judge them. Anyway, what about your lists?

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  • Daisy9 Forever

    Isle Delfino in SMO

    September 23, 2017 by Daisy9 Forever

    In Japan there are already plenty of advertisements for Super Mario Odyssey. In one of them we can see a complete map of the game. In the bottom left corner we can see the Mushroom Kingdom, with a familiar looking island next to it. Yes, that is the shape of Isle Delfino from Sunshine. This also opens the possibility to see Sarasaland of course.

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  • Daisy9 Forever

    I saw this article in which Shigeru Miyamoto talks about future Mario games (Mario + Rabbids, SMO, etc.):

    Some interesting quotes from it:

    • "For Miyamoto, creating new characters is fun, but he doesn’t feel pressure to come up with something new. Rather than force in a new character, he’d rather see Mario dropped into new situations or using new mechanics."
    • "Fundamentally, I think that it’s ideal if we can get old characters to do new things," he says. "When there is a new game mechanic introduced and there’s a new character that really, really fits well, I think it’s great. But I do have a little bit of hesitancy and resistance when someone’s trying to ove…

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    Weekly poll

    April 18, 2017 by Daisy9 Forever

    I'm the one who usually adds a new poll every week or so, but lately I kinda ran out of ideas. I don't know what to make polls about anymore, so I suggest we do something different instead of the poll, while still keeping the home page interactive. Does anyone have an idea of what to use instead of a poll?

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    Maybe you still remember Shesez. He has this Youtube show called Boundary Break. Last time he gave us a good look at Daisy Circuit and from that moment I've been subscribed to him. In this week's episode he has a poll for the next game. One of them is Super Mario RPG (SNES) and the other one is Mario Kart Arcade GP2. Maybe we should request him if he does the Mario Kart episode to take a look at Daisy Cruiser on Mario Beach. 

    Unfortunately, at the moment Super Mario RPG has about 60% of the votes, but we could still request it.

    You can vote by clicking on the on-screen annotation at the end of this video:

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