• DaSy48cI

    Princess Daisy shouts "Nintendo"

    Thanks to Deanna Mustard, Princess Daisy finally says "Nintendo". You can hear this on the Memory Man webpage at:

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  • DaSy48cI

    The song "Show Me Your Love" is featured in the Super Mario Run game in the "Remix 10" edition. Princess Daisy sang that song and she has a wonderful singing voice, just like Princess Peach. Who knows? Maybe we can use this as the theme song for the We Are Daisy Wiki. If you would like to see the music video, visit the We Are Daisy Channel on YouTube and for those who have not yet joined the We Are Daisy Wiki to support Princess Daisy, please do so. Sign the petition, share it with everybody, subscribe to the We Are Daisy Channel, and more. Princess Daisy needs all the supporters she can have.

    This picture comes through the courtesy of Princessa-Daisy


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  • DaSy48cI

    The following items are if at all possible going to be in the hopefully new game "Super Princess 3D World: Super Mario 3D World 2":

    • Coins
    • Rainbow Coin (worth 5 coins)
    • Peach and Daisy tokens (for Shokora's Arcade)
    • "?" Blocks
    • Brick Blocks
    • Hammer (from the "Donkey Kong" video game)
    • Power-Up Costumes (Tanooki, Fire Flower, Super Bell, Feather, etc.)
    • Pink Mushroom (gives the player one hit point back)
    • Orange Mushroom (gives the player an extra life)
    • Mega Mushroom (grows the character large for a limited time)
    • Rosalina's Wand (makes all the enemies disappear)
    • POW Box (eliminates all on-screen enemies)
    • Glowing "?" Boxes (they release 12 coins - as featured in Super Mario Run)
    • Directional Blocks (they make rows of coins for the girls to collect - also as featur…
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  • DaSy48cI


    June 19, 2017 by DaSy48cI
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