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  • DaSy48cI

    7000 Supports!!

    May 25, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Well everybody, thanks to all of you at We Are Daisy and Daisy fans, Princess Daisy has 7000 supports. How awesome is that? Let's conitnue to support Princess Daisy and reach 7500 supports and even 10,000 supports.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Well everyone, the contest between We Are Peach and We Are Daisy will be starting up soon. Even though I am joining the We Are Daisy team, I just like to let everyone know that Peach and Daisy are superstars no matter what.

    Good luck to both teams and good luck to everyone participating in the contests.

    P.S. Out of the subject, I will be having a birthday on Monday, May 28th on Memorial Day.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Last Friday was Princess Daisy's 29th birthday/anniversary. So happy birthday to Princess Daisy from all of us at We Are Daisy Wiki.

    Special Thanks to DaisyFORFUTURE for creating this wonderful picture.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Sharing An Umbrella

    April 11, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Daisy - "Thanks for sharing the umbrella with me, Peach."

    Peach - "My pleasure, Daisy. After all, umbrellas are great for sharing with my best friend, namely you."

    The point of this whole picture is best friends share everything with each other, especially umbrellas. And seeing as Peach and Daisy are best friends, they are sharing an umbrella together. It's a lovely picture.

    Special thanks to the person or persons who made this picture. If anyone knows who made this picture, let me know.

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  • DaSy48cI

    6,000 Supports

    March 21, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Well everyone, good news. Princess Daisy has over 6,000 supports from all Daisy fans. Keep up the good work, everybody and let's never give up and reach 7,500 and even 10,000 supports. We can do it when we put our minds to it.

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