Note: Specific dates for video-games vary by region. As such, only the first region to release the video-game's date will be used for consistency. Only the most important facts are added. For every specific date of Daisy's appearances in each game, go to the Daisy's Appearances page.




  • September 20th - Daisy makes an appearance in NES Open Tournament Golf as Luigi's caddy.
  • Unknown date - Daisy appears as a sprite in Super Mario Bros. Print World.



  • July 21st - Daisy was re-introduced in Mario Tennis for the Nintendo 64. It was her first playable appearance. After this appearance, Daisy started to appear in almost every spin-off, but never got a role in a main game.


  • October 21st - Daisy appears for the first time in her new look in Mario Party 4.



  • December 3rd - Daisy appears on a Battle Card in Mario & Luigi Paper Jam.
  • December 20th - Creation of the We Are Daisy Group.


  • January 13th - Daisy costume announced for Super Mario Maker via Nintendo of America's Twitter and Nintendo of Japan's Youtube.
  • January 22nd - Nintendo of America's twitter links to Super Mario merchandise, some of which is related to Daisy.
  • January 26th - Nintendo's official tumblr makes a throwback nod to Super Mario Land and Daisy.
  • May 18th - Daisy is playable in Minecraft Wii U.
  • June 14th - Daisy's very own amiibo is announced.
  • June 18th - Nintendo of America posted on Twitter a message exclusively about Daisy's amiibo.
  • September 1st - Daisy is very strongly featured in the first trailer of Mario Sports Superstars.
  • November 4th - Daisy's amiibo is released.
  • December 20th - We Are Daisy has one year.


  • January 24th - Daisy amiibo cards are confirmed for Mario Sports Superstars.
  • March 10th - Daisy amiibo cards are available and Daisy is featured on the cover of Mario Sports Superstars.
  • June 1st - Daisy is playable in Mario Kart Arcade GPDX.

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